Exploring the Benefits of Commercial Deep Cleaning

Regular cleaning is important, but going above and beyond routine service is necessary for facilities in many industries.

Commercial deep cleaning services are an important tool for businesses of every variety. The impact of regular cleaning for many businesses — from office building, retail stores, and restaurants to schools, medical facilities and gyms — is well established. However, a more thorough deep cleaning is sometimes required as a bulwark against issues not covered in routine cleaning operations.

What do we mean by deep cleaning? It’s the process of cleansing a space or facility beyond just addressing visible dirt and emptying trash cans. It means removing dust and grime — and potentially harmful bacteria and mold — that builds up over time. Most cleaning functions will focus on high-traffic areas; Deep cleaning addresses those as well, but also ensure hard-to-reach surfaces and less commonly addressed areas of your facility are also properly cleaned.

Commercial deep cleaning typically is a two-part process. First, each area and surface is cleaned of physical dirt and dust. This is then followed by the use of disinfectants to kill germs.

Deep cleaning doesn’t replace your regular cleaning efforts. They should be used as an accompanying service and typically are used a couple of times each year by businesses. The summer months make for a great time for many facilities to engage with these larger cleaning projects as vacations and seasonality mean fewer people (employees and customers) are likely to be inconvenienced by the deep cleaning efforts. The holiday season, for many of the same reasons, makes another logical window to schedule this extensive service.

Next, let’s examine why commercial deep cleaning is vital to your business and the specifics of the process. From hospitals to arenas and everywhere in between. Jani-King of Cleveland services every business space imaginable

Commercial Deep Cleaning Aligns with Business and Employee Goals

Employee productivity and safety, and customer satisfaction are all positively affected when professional commercial deep cleaning services are used to enhance regular cleaning efforts. From the customer perspective, they’ll be more likely to have a positive experience in your establishment and impression of your brand if the facility is clean. Negative impressions can be costly, especially for matters that can be addressed such as dirty flooring or carpet, accumulated dust in hard-to-reach areas, and more.

For employees, the benefits of properly cleaned and maintained facilities are just as essential. Many studies have shown that employees are more productive when able to work in a clean, healthy, and organized environment. A recent survey by the Harvard Business Review found subpar work environments negatively impact a worker’s productivity levels — including mess, clutter, and air quality.

A cleaner, healthier workplace — one with good ventilation, excellent air quality, and organized work spaces — can reduce absenteeism and offer an incentive for businesses trying to engage or enforce return-to-work plans. With unscheduled absenteeism costing companies an estimated $3,600 annually per hourly worker, this can have a major influence on your bottom line.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Fundamentals of Commercial Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning services represent a meticulous process that is best left to professionals. The right commercial cleaning partner will have exceptional hygiene standards — key for food service, food processing, and medical facilities — and have the expertise to follow the recommendations and protocols for any given industry. With experience and the right equipment to provide commercial deep cleaning, a professional cleaning partner gives you peace of mind knowing that your business is in the hands of accomplished experts.

Compared to regular cleaning, the tasks involved in commercial deep cleaning require more effort, time and expertise. Jani-King of Cleveland has decades of experience in developing the procedures needed for effective deep cleaning and disinfection that address your specific needs — including commercial kitchen cleaning, post construction cleans, apartment turnovers, deep scrubbing of restroom and locker facilities, and more. Aspects of deep cleaning include:

  • Disinfection of high-traffic touchpoints like door handles and light fixtures
  • Disinfection of all office equipment
  • Wiping and cleaning cabinets and racks
  • Full restroom cleaning and disinfection
  • Furniture cleaning
  • Cleaning/dusting of ledges, vents, baseboards, and blinds
  • Cleaning the fronts and backs of appliances
  • Full carpet cleaning
  • Grout cleaning
  • Buffing, stripping, and waxing of floors

Entice your workers to return. Jani-King of Cleveland helps bolster your return-to-work plans with complete cleaning services.

Jani-King of Cleveland Offers Commercial Deep Cleaning and More

For more than three decades, Jani-King of Cleveland has used a proven franchise model and an unflinching commitment to effective and up-to-date cleaning and disinfecting tools and techniques to deliver top-end service to customers. Those capabilities, with our industry-leading experience and the Double Check system of our franchise model, offer unparalleled service and performance.

Jani-King of Cleveland’s commercial cleaning services offers you the chance to work with experts in the field to produce a cleaner, more professional, and healthier workspace for your employees and customers. Recently, Jani-King of Cleveland has also partnered with Hyscent to improve the indoor air quality of your work environment. Hyscent’s safe scent infusion products improve the overall ambience of your space, combat malodors, and provide a more pleasing environment for everyone who visits or works in the area.

Connect with Jani-King of Cleveland today to learn more about commercial deep cleaning services or request a quote.

Jani-King of Cleveland offers commercial cleaning, janitorial services, and franchise opportunities in Cleveland, Ohio and the surrounding communities. Contact us today to learn more.

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