Grow Your Cleaning Business Through Recession – Jani-King Franchisees Tell How

For a lot of people, starting a new business may sound more and more like a good idea while the job market in the traditional business world is tight. Other people might think it’s crazy to try opening your own business in a down economy. But even Forbes agrees that’s not true if you open up the right business. Some of the best businesses can rise when they know how to make the most of the economic environment when it is slow. The commercial cleaning industry is one of those resilient industries that ought to get a second look from curious entrepreneurs. Several Jani-King Franchise Owners started in a downturn and grew successfully. 

Cincinnati franchisee, Michael Truman started his business in 1998 with just $1,000. The business grew steadily through the dot-com crash of 2000 and the Great Recession of 2007 to 2009. Truman credits his success to finding a niche in healthcare. The healthcare industry as an essential service has stayed steady through ups and downs in the economy, including now even as COVID-19 has put a stop to other industries’ growth. 

Breaking into healthcare is easier than you might think. Jani-King provides the training and certification needed to handle large and essential accounts that provide health services. Franchisees can accept accounts that Jani-King brings to them, and can partner with Jani-King to use any equipment necessary to meet the needs of a healthcare account. Unlike other industries, Healthcare providers answer to regulatory agencies like The Joint Commission (TJC) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). That may deter other cleaning companies and help Jani-King franchise owners differentiate themselves on day one. 

Annanias Montgomery, Jr., has owned his Jani-King franchise since 2006, in Raleigh/Durham, South Carolina. He attributes his growth over the last 14 years to the extensive knowledge made available to him through training and support that Jani-King provided as different business circumstances changed. Montgomery committed to becoming an expert in the technical cleaning processes and in the broader scope of doing business in the commercial cleaning industry. With his knowledge and expertise, Montgomery was able to differentiate his business by being able to offer more capabilities than nearby competitors. He also maintained a growth mindset over the course of economic ups and downs. He pushed fear aside and accepted opportunities to service large accounts. Montgomery was willing to learn, with the help of Jani-King, how to service those accounts with the personnel and equipment that would earn client satisfaction.

A lot of Jani-King franchise owners give the feedback that faster ROI happens with the support of proven systems they can use in the beginning. Another factor that could be important is the ability to bring in extended family or friends that need work. After all, if you’re looking for solutions to financial constraints right now, you’re in good company. 

With the quick growth that a trusted brand supports, you can provide a source of business for others you know to flourish. Jani-King franchisees use rock-solid training systems to prepare cleaning staff from diverse backgrounds for a successful role with Jani-King. As the team grows, you can confidently expand into a larger territory of coverage and larger accounts. 

Numerous Jani-King franchisees discuss their current year as their best year, no matter the economic changes they’ve endured. 

COVID-19 has changed the nature of work for most. Flexibility isn’t a luxury anymore, it’s a necessity. The lifestyle changes necessary to stay safe require a lot of work too! Jani-King has always been unique in that as a franchise owner, you’re not up all night catching up on work. There are no 80 hour weeks spent hammering out and tweaking your business plan. The plan is there and it’s proven. That means you’ll have time to help your kids with online school or cook your family meals which we’re all doing more of these days. 

Not everything about COVID-19 has been bad. For many, it’s created the space to “find yourself,” to recognize what really matters in life. Your choice to become a business owner and to accept support from the Jani-King brand could help you reap the rewards of this new COVID-19 insight. Grow a thriving business, rebalance your life or both!