What Do Commercial Cleaning Services Offer?

Benefits range from brand-enhancing appearance, a healthier working environment, more productivity, and more.

It’s a simple question, but one that more and more businesses are asking themselves as growth is achieved, the economy rebounds, and pandemic conditions shift yet again: What do commercial cleaning services offer?

But before any organization delves into the answers to that question, each should also realize that such services shouldn’t be purchased lightly. Each business brings specific demands, dictated by many factors such as the footprints of their facilities and the individual requirements of their industry, size, and market. These set of variables will affect how expensive an investment in commercial cleaning will be.

Commercial cleaning services are not a simple commodity buy; You shouldn’t just pick a partner for such an important task without researching what you need, and which potential cleaning provider is best equipped to offer what you’re looking for. You need to find the right partner to provide the customized services you need, with a track record of exceptional service and professionalism, that can deliver the needed results. As with any investment in your business, you need to examine the ROI and figure out if it’s right for you.

However, after finding the right provider and examining the benefits and impact such services provide, you realize the critical question isn’t ‘What do commercial cleaning services offer?’ Rather, you’ll need to decide if you can afford to go without them.

From hospitals to arenas and everywhere in between.  Jani-King of Cleveland services every business space imaginable.

4 Compelling Reasons to Use Commercial Cleaning Services

Many businesses are considering the hiring of a commercial cleaning company as more and more businesses are beginning to come back fully online following an extended period of dealing with constant disruptions. From the pandemic through The Great Resignation to further labor shortages and supply chain challenges, dealing with external factors has become business as usual. Some made due with internal teams or short-term fixes, but in the long run these attempts dealing with cleaning and disinfection needs were far from real solutions. 

So, what do commercial cleaning services offer? Here’s four critical answers.

Professional Appearance

Imagine two scenarios: Walking into a place of business with dusty desks or countertops, dingy carpet, and full trash containers. Then entering a similar business with clean surfaces, well-kept flooring, fresh smells, and empty of needless refuse. Which one will likely get return customers and favorable word-of-mouth?

While extreme, the above example serves up the primary purpose of commercial cleaning. You want to present your business or organization in the best possible light at all times. Clean offices, clutter free reception areas, and spotless restrooms will convey to customers that details matter, and both you and the brand you represent care about them.  Whether it’s daily, weekly, or monthly, commercial cleaning services offer you the chance to present the ideal public-facing environment to those that visit your facility.

Healthier Work Environment

Cleaning for health has never mattered more for companies and organizations of all sizes. The concept of using professional cleaning services for health concerns — rather than for cleanliness and appearance — gathered momentum over the past two years with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Facility operators now have a better understanding of how cleaning can affect the building occupants, consumers are more savvy on the subject, and business owners want to demonstrate they are doing all they can to protect both workers and customers.

While guarding against potential virus spread, and minimizing potential shutdowns from infections, cleaning for health also contributes to better day-to-day experiences for those who are in your facilities every day. Improving indoor air quality is another beneficial side effect from regular professional cleaning and has been proven to lead to better experiences for both employees and customers.

Increased Productivity

It should stand to reason that healthier employees also tend to be more productive ones. Developing a healthy building depends on consistent commercial cleaning and disinfection and has been proven to help those who work in such buildings realize better working conditions and increase production. 

Workers in clean environments have better focus and face fewer distractions. Most importantly, employees tend to use fewer sick days in facilities that see regular commercial cleaning.

Cost-Effective Benefits

By outsourcing your cleaning needs, you can also find an assortment of cost benefits.

Save Time and Effort — Hiring and onboarding new employees, even those who provide various services that go into facility management like cleaning, takes resources — which may be in short supply after the last two years. With a commercial cleaning company those needs are all handled out-of-house.

Work with Experts in the Field — With a professional cleaning partner, they’ll be ready to go on day one. There won’t be a learning curve because they’ll bring the knowledge and expertise about the techniques and products needed to do the job.

Reduce Turnover/Labor Cost — When you outsource cleaning service, you insulate your business from turnover within from those who may have been asked to handle some of those duties previously. Recruiting and training employees takes time, money, and effort — all of which may be in short supply. You need cleaning and disinfecting services for safety and success right now; however, using a professional commercial cleaning company will remove much of the hassle and expense.

What Do Commercial Cleaning Services Offer? Turn to Jani-King of Cleveland to Learn More

For more than three decades, Jani-King of Cleveland has used Jani-King’s proven franchise model and an uncompromising commitment to current and effective cleaning and disinfecting tools and techniques to deliver top-of-the-line service to customers.

With Jani-King, you’ll get a cleaner, healthier workplace where your employees will thrive at what they do. In the long run this will lead to savings in both time and money, which will help empower your business to reach its goals.

Connect with us today to learn more about how we work to be your ideal cleaning services partner.

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