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Gym Cleaning Services Help Handle the New Year Rush

Professional gym cleaning services create a healthier space, which is paramount for gym enthusiasts to exercise and succeed in their fitness goals.

Gym cleaning services help small businesses serving the fitness industry take advantage of their busiest time of year and capitalize on offering a premium experience to new members. Clean and safe conditions are critical to those visiting a gym or health center and can help them stick with their plans to improve their health long term.

The new year has arrived and is rolling out the carpet for a new set of resolutions. It’s no secret that getting in shape is one of the most common resolutions, which is why January is the most important month of the year for gyms, health and fitness centers, spas, and more. According to the IHRSA, 12% of all gym and health club memberships begin in January, compared to just an 8.3% average for every other month in the calendar.

Fitness-based businesses are on the rise, with over 106,000 such units spread across the US. There is an onslaught of potential new members starting the new year with the goal of improving their health in these establishments. In such a scenario, it becomes vital to do everything possible to stand out from the competition and deliver a desirable environment for your patrons. From hospitals to arenas and everywhere in between. Jani-King of Cleveland services every business space imaginable.

Cover Every Angle With Gym Cleaning Services

As a hub of health and well-being, gym and fitness centers must promise a clean, disinfected space to match up with their customers’ expectations. It’s a need that has taken on more importance in a post-pandemic world. The right commercial partner will cover every aspect of your club to make clients feel comfortable no matter which service or amenity they enjoy. Let’s see how:

  • Workout Equipment Cleaning — As public properties in any fitness establishment, workout equipment demands cleanliness and hygiene. Besides customers doing their own due diligence in wiping down equipment after use, it’s important for the facility itself to execute full cleaning and disinfection on everything used in a typical workout, such as treadmills, ellipticals, free weights, benches, dumbbells, and machines.
  • Front Lobby, Restroom, and Locker Room — The lobby area in any gym provides visitors with an idea of how clean-conscious your facility is. By ensuring a squeaky-clean lobby, your first impression leaves a mark as a facility complying with public health standards. Exercising the same attitude toward the restroom and locker room is critical as their warm and moist conditions make them a breeding ground for cold, flu and other illnesses. Regular, professional cleaning and disinfection are a must for these areas.
  • Floors & Mats — Padded floors tend to absorb the sweat of the people toiling away on the machines. Regular vacuuming will keep the floor condition spruced up. In addition, tidying up the hardwood surfaces, mats, and tiles also requires attention for all-around cleanliness on your premises. The right commercial partner will vacuum and wet, damp, or dry mop these areas to keep them disinfected and shining.

Get Your Facility in Shape with Jani-King of Cleveland’s Gym Cleaning Services

With more than 30 years of experience in serving businesses across Northeast Ohio, Jani-King of Cleveland has the expertise to handle all the details necessary to care for your fitness center.

Our services adhere to best practices and help you implement Cleaning for Health practices. We treat your environment with the best-approved chemicals complying with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released List N. We are also up to speed with the training and technologies to provide the attention to detail needed to execute proactive commercial cleaning.

Our use of modern equipment aids in quickly and completely cleaning and disinfecting a gym or health center environment. We use electrostatic spraying for deep cleaning, even on hard-to-reach surfaces. Once applied, the sanitizing agent will stick while it works to disinfect the desired surfaces.

We understand concepts like dwell time and how to service high touchpoint areas critical to proper gym cleaning services. Many hands touch fitness equipment, door handles, and locker room surfaces throughout the day. High touch point disinfection services to help minimize the spread of bacteria throughout your facility.

Connect with Jani-King of Cleveland today to learn more about gym cleaning services or request a quote.

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