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Jani-King is Committed to Keeping You Safe and Supporting Your Business Through This Coronavirus Pandemic

At Jani-King’s headquarters and in regions around the world, we are working with our partners to source more equipment and more products in response to extraordinary demand for cleaning and disinfection applications. We are also working with great urgency on solutions to rapidly changing situations.  Facilities that provide essential services in our communities are requesting disinfection applications and we intend to answer the call.

Jani-King’s corporate task force responsible for disaster and pandemic preparedness is communicating daily with our operations teams in the field and our regional support offices worldwide. We are providing multiple methods for applying disinfectant based on the size and scope of the facility.

Electrostatic sprayers have been deployed and more are on order. Pump and battery sprayers are also being sent to regions as they become available. Additionally, our manual disinfection application process is ideal for many customers, so franchisees are encouraged to continue to provide those services. By adhering to CDC and OSHA guidelines and by using EPA registered chemicals, these disinfection application processes are safe and proven to be effective.

It is heartbreaking to hear and read about the pain inflicted upon families by this pandemic. But I am so proud to be able to say that our Jani-King family has banded together to do what we can to help reduce the risks of further spreading the coronavirus during this pandemic.

Jerry Crawford
CEO & President, Jani-King Internation

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