Take Control with These Cleaning Business Tips

Get more out of your investment and power your commercial cleaning franchise with advice on what to prioritize.

Acquiring a business or franchise, and successfully running that business to reach your long-term goals, are separate ideas that require different priorities, strengths, and strategies. And when it comes to cleaning business tips specifically, the first order of success is to partner with an organization that knows exactly what it takes to build and run a successful organization in that space.

Jani-King is the world’s largest commercial cleaning franchising system, and its regional representative in Northeast Ohio — Jani-King of Cleveland — has been in the business of helping franchisees reach their goals of professional independence and success for more than 30 years. If you have a desire to be your own boss and control your own future, Jani-King will work with you to provide that opportunity.

But once you have taken that first step, it’s important to keep some key facets of franchise ownership in mind. These cleaning business tips aren’t focused on specific techniques used in the application of your services, or products or software that help you run day-to-day operations. Let’s dive into some of the decisions and factors you will face as a business owner, and how those choices can help keep on the track toward your goals with your business.

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5 Cleaning Business Tips to Remember

To maximize your chances of success and to reach all of your franchise goals, consider the following tips and advice that could help you reach your full potential.

Follow the System

It sounds like something that doesn’t need to be said, but simply following the directions laid out in your franchisee agreement will give you a stable, proven platform on which to build. It’s a process that has worked for many franchise owners who have come before you; it’s likely to work for you, too. As the owner, you’ll have the option to change every aspect of the business, but avoiding excess adjustments — which could have unforeseen side effects — is one way many new franchise owners have sidestepped early problems. Just by sticking to the initial plan, you’ll be able to preserve and use the brand identity to serve you, and protect that initial investment.

Value Your Employees

The business is your vision, your property, your investment. But your employees, in many cases, will be the face of that business and how many potential customers will develop initial impressions. It’s said that good help is hard to find, but finding great help is essential to growing and developing your business. Take care to ensure great care of your most important resource — your staff. Forbes Magazine completed a study that discovered that companies that spent between just 1-2% of their payroll on employee recognition consistently outperform companies that do not. You’ll want to focus on creating and nurturing an environment where they can thrive. When that happens they can become a living embodiment of your business and what it represents, providing capable problem solvers and an important customer-facing aspect for your organization.

The Customer is King

While you want to treat your own workers well, you’ll also want to make sure you’re offering customers and clients tailored experiences that emphasize great service. Collaborate with customers about their specific issues and needs, and then craft solutions based on the skills, expertise, and options your business can provide. When you focus on the service you provide, and how to make each customer feel vital to your business, you’ll develop prized promotional tools in the form of favorable word-of-mouth reviews from satisfied clients.

Keep the Attitude Upbeat

One essential cleaning business tip to remember is you’ll need patience, in particular, at the start. Until your business gets rolling — through a strong plan, and value placed on your employees and service — maintaining a consistent, positive mental approach will be appreciated by the whole organization. You’re calling the shots, and dictating the tone of day-to-day interactions. Be patient at the beginning, and once momentum begins to build, you’ll need energy and optimism to keep the process going. In general, being kind, courteous and honest will further hone and develop relationships with your crew, and your customers.

Stay In Touch, Get Involved

Any good franchise organization will have strong channels of communication between franchisor and franchisee. This is necessary to be up to date on industry information and news, new brand elements or offerings, and support. Periodically reach out to your franchisor for more tips and advice. Also, you can stay in the loop locally by supporting other local businesses and groups. Support a youth organization, or sponsor a kids team. Show you’re interested in being involved locally, and other local organizations will do the same. You’ll potentially be top of mind when they need the services you provide.

Partner with Jani-King for Many More Cleaning Business Tips

No franchise organization knows more about running successful commercial cleaning businesses than Jani-King. And we’re eager to pass along what we know to motivated franchisee owners. And you don’t need to be an expert as our custom training training program will get you up to speed quickly.

With Jani-King you’ll get access to one of the lowest cost opportunities to starting a franchise, and one that comes with insight into operating a business like managing personnel, client relations, and more. As a franchisee, you’ll also be eligible for vendor partnerships for services like insurance, payroll, and others. All the while, you’ll be on your way toward earning some of the benefits of owning your own business.

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